“It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.” -Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White

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The Original Pencil Heads

We created Pencil Heads because we love to write-- and because we feel like we didn't get to do enough creative writing when we were in school. Now that we've been working as grown-ups and writers for a while, we've learned a lot. Sometimes we wish that someone had taught us these things when we were kids-- and that's why we decided to pass what we know along to young writers throughout New York City.


Andrea Scully
Andrea is a real-life, honest-to-goodness screenwriter. She co-wrote the live-action feature film "Reel to Real" for Walt Disney Studios and the movie "Cold Feet," which was recently optioned. She also penned many episodes of "Super Why" (the Emmy-nominated preschool series) and "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" for PBS (though technically, the scripts were typed and not actually written in pen). Andrea earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and was a contributor at the hoity-toity Bread Loaf Writers' Conference. She has won several awards, including the 2006 Gabehart Prize for Imaginative Writing, and she is presently working on her first novel. But most importantly, Andrea loves working with kids. She has led creative writing workshops for children since 2003 and can't get enough of their crazy-fun stories. If she could harness the power of their imaginations, she believes that we could power the entire New York City subway system (and prevent future fare hikes).


Eric Saiet
Eric has been writing and acting professionally for a seriously long time. Along with co-writing several movies and TV shows with his trusty writing partner Andrea (above), he has written lots of short stories and a novel. He was also a s ports beat writer, reporting on the New York Knicks. As an actor, you may have seen Eric guest-starring in more than 40 television shows, including "Scrubs," "Damages," "Law and Order," and "The Good Wife." And this guy also loves teaching kids. Eric has worked with several nonprofit youth organizations, including Book Pals and the Young Storytellers Program, which mentors at-risk children in the creation of their first screenplay. He also has tons of experience teaching improvisation, acting and public speaking skills to people of all ages. Talk about mad skills! Raised by two dedicated schoolteachers in Evanston Illinois, Eric is a proud graduate of Northwestern University. He currently resides in Brooklyn, where when prodded, he can imitate a cat coughing up a hairball.